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Praat is a powerful linguistic tool designed for studying sounds. This cost-free desktop program allows users to analyze, synthesize, and manipulate speech. Developed by Paul Boersma and David Weenink of the Institute of Phonetics Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, Praat offers a wide range of standard and non-standard procedures, including spectrographic analysis, articulatory synthesis, and neural networks.

With Praat, users can read sounds recorded with the program or audio files recorded in other ways. Upon launching the application, it generates a graph of waves that indicate intonation, intensity, volume, and other complex details. This makes it an invaluable tool for linguistics research. Users can isolate specific sound bites or filter frequencies manually or using scripts.

Praat provides access to spectrograms, which visually represent sound changes over time, as well as cochleagrams, which resemble how the inner ear receives sound. It allows users to produce speech from a pitch curve and filters or from various muscle activities. Additionally, it enables users to alter existing speech utterances by customizing the pitch, intensity, and duration of the speech.

The program also supports custom-labeling of samples using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). Users can annotate sound segments based on specific variables they aim to examine. Praat also offers multi-language text-to-speech features, allowing users to segment sound into words and phonemes.

While Praat is a robust audio analysis tool, it may be challenging for beginners to use. The tutorial guide can be helpful, but navigation can still be tricky. However, for linguists seeking a high degree of control over spectrographs and the ability to access, analyze, and produce excellent quality visuals for acoustic evaluation of speech and voice samples, Praat is an astounding speech analyzer.

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